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New Website Renewable Energy Select

We are now up and running on our new website for Renewable Energy Select (sister company to Select Solar Ltd)


Renewable Energy Select Limited was set up to provide installation services covering a wide range of Electrical experiences within the Renewable Energy Sector.

These days everybody is interested in saving money on their energy bills or reducing carbon emmissions and with the growth of electric vehicles the way we use and calculate our energy has never been more significant.  At Select Solar Limited our sister company we already had fully qualified electricians and solar engineers who are registered and trained to install everything from a fuse board in a domestic property, wiring in a factory, installation of a solar system or providing an electric vehicle charging point.  Renewable Energy Select Ltd now provides effectively a one stop shop to cover all of your electrical needs.  A good example might be a property that requires rewiring with solar installed on the rooof, a battery back-up system and a car charging point.  We are now able to suppy and install the whole lot.

Colin started his career in finance and later followed an engineering path becoming a fully qualified Electrician, a Solar Engineer, and later on an EPC Assessor.  Last year he got together with his fellow director Marcin who is also a fully qualified electrician and engineer  to discuss issues on how they could position themselves within the renewable sector and offer their knowledge and skills to a wider audience. 

We tried to assess the situation from the public’s point of view and decided that we wanted to do something that would make a difference to our customers whether they be members of the general public, businesses or other commercial trades.

One of the most important elements of our business is the ability to communicate with our customers in terms so that they understand whats going on.

So Renewable Energy Select was set up so that we can offer a wider range of environmental friendly products.  Our aim is to save as much money as possible and lower carbon emissions. 

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