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Varta Leisure & Marine Battery Range

Varta Leisure & Marine Battery Range


Varta Leisure & Marine Battery Range

Built to Last VARTA Professional Deep Cycle Leisure and Marine Application Batteries

VARTA Professional Deep Cycle Leisure Batteries use the latest plate technology to achieve twice the cyclic capability of conventional flooded batteries making them the ideal solution for all your starter and marine, motorhome and caravan battery supply requirements.

Safe and reliable, maintenance free sealed for life Varta Leisure Battery Range, available for delivery usually within 48 hours 

Email: Select Solar  for further information on the correct Battery for your needs.

Varta DFL range of Batteries are designed for Leisure and Marine applications.

Dual Power applications allow the battery to be used for both starting and overall energy supply. (high cranking amps and deep cycling capability)

The Varta DFL Battery range has minimal self-discharge making this battery ideal for seasonal use.

Dual Functionality & Sealed Maintenance Free

Varta Professional Battery range are designed to be used on motor homes, caravans, boats and other marine vessels for cyclic and starting applications.

Deep Cycle Batteries are  designed to be long lasting with up to twice the cyclic stability of flooded batteries.

Dual Function Leisure Batteries are completely maintenance free, they are sealed to prevent leakage of the contents inside, this provides top quality safety and allows for safe handling of the battery. (battery must be used in a upright orientation)

Varta Battery range's  are tried and tested to ensure optimal durability and long lasting life