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Motor Monkey - In Car Charger

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Motor Monkey

Motor Monkey - In Car Charger

The Motor Monkey is the smallest, lightest in-car charger in the world. It can charge most popular mobile phones, iPhones, smartphones, iPads and more whilst you're on the move.

Lightweight and compact, this is the perfect in-car charger. It can even recognise when an Apple iPad has been connected, and it will change the power settings accordingly. Impressive!

Only when your mobile is connected will the internal intelligent circuit activate the supply of power to the unit. And when your device is fully charged, the Motor Monkey will automatically shut down.

You can also charge your 5V Powertraveller portable chargers such as the powermonkey range and the solarmonkey adventurer via the motormonkey.

The motormonkey in-car charger will fully support Apple iPods & iPhones via the motormonkey's USB socket by using your white sync / charge cable supplied with your Apple product.

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