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Stable Hut

Stable Hut4

Stable Hut – 06/02/2019


A Young couple from Kent were preparing to get married but could not afford to buy a house.  Instead they found a stable hut that they could convert to living accommodation and live off grid which was much more affordable.  They purchased a Solar kit and had it fitted and sometime later it failed to work.  They asked if we would visit and we carried out some testing and offered advice which they had not received before.

Stable Hut2

They had a cheap 3000w inverter which had burnt out and on contacting the supplier the customers were let’s say not helped.


We replaced the inverter with a Victron version, reset the charge controller and recommended adding additional panels.  Once we finished testing, we advised the customers on how their system works and what to expect from its performance. 


Stable Hut1They were extremely grateful for all the help and advise we gave and gave them our warm congratulations for their wedding.


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