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Wind Power for Remote Locations

Do you need a reliable and affordable remote power supply at off-grid locations?

If so, Select Solar has wind and solar renewable energy solutions to suit most low energy demands.

Rutland Wind Turbine and Select Solar Panel systems can cut your costs:

  • Installation usually involves minimal disruption to the surrounding infrastructure
  • Ongoing costs of refuelling or changing batteries are eliminated
  • Installations can be achieved quicker and more cost effectively than a grid connection

Our renewable energy systems simplify and facilitate, here’s how:

  • They can replace the need for power cables with a low cost, localized installation
  • They enable installations at their optimal position
  • Off grid homes can generate energy on site and experience a more reliable power supply

Wind and solar energy occur naturally – so once it’s fitted, you can relax knowing that your batteries are being topped up.

If at all interested please call our office for assistance at 01708 223 733

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