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  • 29Jan

    Determining Voltage & Current of your solar panel

    Determining Voltage & Current of your solar panel

    How can you determine voltage and current of a solar module? This is a pretty common question so let's dive right in.
    The voltage of a solar module is based on the number of cells in a module.

    Each different solar technology has a characteristic voltage per cell based on the physical properties of the materials that the cell is composed of. what solar material is best, what technology you should use and who you should partner with are crucial questions.

    We are excited to learn more about your product and how we can help design a custom solution for you.

    If we can help you in your design of your solar system then please give us a call on


    01708 223733


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  • 27Jan

    Solar Cell Efficiency

    What exactly does solar cell efficiency mean?

    If you’ve spent any time in the solar industry you understand that one of the first questions out of a person’s mouth when it comes to solar technology is, “how efficient is it?”

    While the measurement of solar cell efficiency is standardized and relatively easy to understand, it can often be misleading in real world applications.

    Solar cell efficiency is not comparable to the energy efficiency of your furnace or water heater. If your furnace is higher efficiency that leads to a decrease in your utility bills and more money in your pocket.

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  • 14Dec

    new Solar iBoost+ is pre-programmed for wireless connection to the optional iBoost+ Buddy home energy monitor

    The Solar iBoost+ works by using a clamp which scans your renewable generation and detects any excess energy that would be sent to the grid. The main component diverts this energy and uses it to power your immersion heater. The amount of energy sent is determined on the amount created and the household use, to ensure that it will not affect the existing appliances.

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  • 07Nov

    Glamping in the UK next summer?

    Glamping  in the UK next summer?

    Then why not try Haven Holidays.

    They have a vast range of glamping holidays to offer all over the UK.  From Yurts to Geo-domes all of which feature everything you need to make your getaway comfortable and enjoyable, from electric sockets to cookers, fridges and even proper beds.

    I remember going camping in the 80’s at Perran Sands in Cornwall when my daughter was young and even then just in a normal canvas tent we had a wonderful time going for a walk over the sand dunes exploring until we reached the beach and spend the day relaxing.

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  • 31Oct

    Battery Wiring - Parallel or Series

    Battery Wiring - Parallel or Series

    One topic that causes a bit of confusion to most people is the concept of wiring batteries together so we thought we'd take a couple of minutes to show you how its done.

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