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Wind Power for Caravans/Motorhomes

Wondering if you can use wind power for caravans?

Yes you can and it’s probably easier than you think!  It is very simple to fit our portable Rutland turbines, which are able to generate wind power for Caravans, Motorhomes, Camping and Off Grid Homes.

Our world leading range of Rutland Wind Turbines can save you money, here’s how:

  • Use of your on board battery charger will reduce, saving on fuel consumption.
  • Well charged and cycled batteries will last much longer.
  • Running costs will be cut as you won’t need to run the engine as often.
  • Fuel consumption will decrease and engine running time will be reduced.
  • No need for mains hook ups on your travels.

…. and you can enjoy the freedom to camp at a wider choice of locations knowing that your batteries are getting topped up.

Rutland Wind Turbine systems can give you complete energy independence on board, with their reputation for low wind speed performance, the smallest of breezes will keep your batteries topped up.

Wind & Solar Energy are free and abundant sources of energy so once fitted you can enjoy the camping and not have to worry about power problems.

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