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a beautiful fishing lake not far from the A120 turn off on the M11.


Lake Job

beautiful fishing lake    lakejob5

John an ex city trader realized his dream and bought a beautiful fishing lake not far from the A120 turn off on the M11.  It had an old dilapidated solar system that didn’t work, and John wanted to convert the hut into a user-friendly place where fishermen could cook, shower and have enough night-time lighting inside and out.  He asked us to start from scratch and design a system that would fulfil his objectives.  During our inspection visit we found that the batteries were actually from a fork lift truck and not really designed for solar purposes, However since batteries were the most expensive part of the system we were able to bring them to life topping them up with distilled water and recommended using them for as long as possible.


We fitted 16 REC panels on the roof best facing South and installed a Victron phoenix inverter with a Victron 150/100 MPPT charge controller.  This all fed into a main consumer unit which fed all the circuits.  As a back up for lighting we also installed our HUBI 64 LED strip lighting system run on 2 small 20Watt panels. 


John was over the moon and the fisherman can now enjoy their night-time fishing with the luxury of lighting, cooking and hygiene facilities.

lakejob6  lakejob4  lakejob8


What a great feeling we all had at Select Solar Limited


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