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Jamil Abdullah â 216c Tooting high street, SW17 0SG 9 panels on a flat roof

Jamil Abdullah –  216c Tooting high street, SW17 0SG   9 panels on a flat roof


tooting5Jamil from Tooting, South London is a property developer, he created a new development behind some shop in the high street.  Before the build he had something called a SAP’s certificate.  It is a predicted energy rating for the new property, and it recommend a solar system be installed of at least 2.5Kw.  If carried out it would significantly improve the energy rating as well as reduce electricity costs and reduce carbon emissions.



We carried out an initial assessment and supplied a quotation n a supply and fit basis.  It is worth noting that only reputable installers who are registered with the MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) can carry out this type of work and Select Solar Limited are registered with the MCS as qualified electricians.  Select Solar are also registered under local authority Part P scheme and OLEV who deal with registration for electric vehicle charging points.


tooting1The property has a flat roof, so we designed a suitable mounting system for 9 solar panels wired together in 2 strings.

Jake and Jacques fixed 4 x 2-inch treated timber, 4 x 3m and 2 x 1m. Tar was rolled on underside of timber and then fully coated after fixed with screws. Sealer was put round the bottom of all timbers and screwheads covered with fiberglass. Rails were all fixed and panels were put on facing south as much as possible.

Inside, Colin fixed the inverter, 2 DC switches, an AC switch and generation meter.






Jamil was delighted with the outcome and has already sked Select Solar Limited to carry out another installation on his next building project.



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