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officecontainer2We were contacted by a customer called Jaswant.  He owned a cash and carry wholesale warehouse in Houslow near Heathrow Airport.  The site also had an arrangement of containers at the rear, which were rented out for storage purposes.  One of the containers was converted into an office.  Jaswant sold the cash and carry but kept the storage facilities, but part of the arrangement didn’t include electricity supply to the office container.  Jaswant asked Select Solar to design, supply and fit enough solar to run the office. officecontainer4

officecontainer3We fitted the following:

  • X Solar panels
  • 1 x Victron Battery
  • 1 x Charge-controller MPPT Victron
  • Cables
  • Mounting System


The customer was over the moon when he was able to switch the lights and his computer on.


Another great job carried out by Select Solar Limited   Contact me     Call me button  Colin 01708 223733


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