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Joydeep - Dartford in Kent He had an “On-grid” solar system fitted and later a battery backup system.

Joydeep - Dartford in Kent


Joydeep4Joydeep from Dartford in Kent contacted us.  He had an “On-grid” solar system fitted and later a battery backup system

The battery system had stopped working and both previous installers had gone into liquidation.

Joydeep contacted Victron who referred him to Select Solar Ltd who are qualified and registered Victron dealers. Joydeep2 The batteries had gone flat and were not being charged and the solar did not seem to be generating power.

We visited their premises and carried out various testing procedures.  It is worth mentioning at this point that Victron equipment to an outsider can be quite complicated and not easy to understand.  Over the year’s Solar equipment and the technology that goes with it has changed in that it needs regular checking and maintenance.  It’s a bit like when you buy a laptop computer for a good price and then learn you have to load it with software which costs as much or more than the laptop itself. But as we all know 2 weeks later your computer is telling you that it needs a software upgrade.


This is a similar principal to Victron equipment and Joydeep had not seen anybody since his install was carried out about 2 years prior.


Select Solar rearranged some of the wiring and charged the batteries back up over to 13 volts.  We also updated all the firmware on the Victron equipment and set up a new VRM.

Once completed the system worked fine and Joydeep continued on with the benefits of his electricity savings


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