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bat cave



We were contact by Matt a solar engineer.  His initial 

bat cave

enquiry was for a charge controller that would be connected to 4 250watt solar panels.  He wanted to run to heater to keep a building warm during the daytime.  The location was at Anglesey North Wales near to a nuclear power plant.  Matt explained that as a solar engineer he was used to working on large scale mega-watt solar systems 

and had limited knowledge of small off grid systems.  We asked him to provide us with some information about what he was doing with the heaters and an overview of the project.  It turned out that his company had been carrying out major work which involved demolishing various buildings one of which had bats in it.  Since Bats are a protected species they had to be rehoused.  They needed to be kept warm during the day when they sleep and a small barn type building was selected for the job.  Now that we had the full story we were able to design an appropriate system.  Matt had his own panels which are designed to be used for on grid systems but the system needed in this case was an off grid system.  To make the system work needed some technical planning and equipment.  We designed a solution and provided the equipment within 3 days.  On this occasion it was better to arrange a 24volt system.  This basically worked by using the four 250watt solar panels connected to an MPPT Tristar charge controller.  This is then connected to 2 100ah leisure batteries connected in series.  From the battery an AJ inverter is used to convert to 230 volts which feeds the heaters.  Within the week and with technical support from Select Solar Matt was able to install the system.  Soon the bats were moving into their new home and settling down to a good days sleep.  There was some talk with Matt about providing the next house for Robin.


Another successful job by Select Solar Limited

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