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Breno runs a company called Granite SLABS WHICH IS JUST OUTSIDE Harlow

Breno Timo 



Breno runs a company called Granite SLABS WHICH IS JUST OUTSIDE Harlow. The site is an old disused airport runway but is perfect for storing Granite. Breno has a Portacabin on site which he uses as an office and was running the electric supply from a generator. He was interested in reducing noise as well as carbon emissions and enquired about our solar power kits.   Breno6We designed a solar power kit on a bespoke basis which best suited Breno’s requirements and presented Breno with our energy solution.  As fully qualified Electricians and Solar Engineer’s we carried out an installation of a 2KW off grid power station using a combination of solar panels and Victron Equipment.  The kit included


  • 2 x  160ah Batteries
  • 1 x 150/70 MPPT charge controller
  • 6 x 330wt  LG Solar Panels
  • Cables
  • Mounting system
  • 2KW Multiplus Invertor

Later Breno asked us to install a 12volt fuse board and 12 volt socket outlets.


Breno was delighted when we switched the system on and it ran perfectly without any noise or carbon emissions.


Another happy customer and successful Selected Solar Installation.


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