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Bubble Tea Van

Bubble Tea Van


We were contacted by Calvic a Philipino lady and her Italian husband who is a qualified Chef.  They purchased a large white van and set their hearts on a new business venture selling bubble tea from it.  Calvic wanted to fit as much solar as possible on the roof to help run the equipment inside the van.  We sat down and designed a system using all the roof space we could and she asked if we would carry out the installation as well.  We were able to fit 1 x 400watt panel and 1 x 120watt panel.  These needed to be wired separately due to the different amps and voltages the panels produce.  After a successful installation Calvic asked us to install some 12volt lighting and sockets which we did via a 12volt fuse board.  Calvic and her husband now attend many festivals throughout the UK and are looking to expand their business.

bubble tea van






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