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Bill and Jenny own a piece of land with a lake on it just outside of Chelmsford, Essex.  They have 2 container portacabins which they use for classroom training, changing rooms and a shop.  They run a business from the site which they call Trifarm.  Basically it is a training ground for people who enter triathlon events involving cycling, swimming and running.  They use the lake for swimming training and you can go along hire a wetsuit and swim round the lake.


Their porta cabins ran off a generator.  Unfortunately the generator got stolen and after replacing it got stolen again.  It was time to have a rethink.  Bill and Jenny liked the idea of free electricity and lowering carbo emissions, so they contacted us to provide a solution.


We designed a system for them which included fixing solar panels to the roof and keeping them out of sight,  Using Victron equipment including a Phoenix invertor compact 250/80 MPPT charge controller, 2 x batteries and cables we carried out the installation connecting to their existing consumer unit.  The customers were delighted with the installation and could not believe how quietly it performed.  They were able to use lighting, heating and even thier electric cash machine.



Another successful design and installation from Select  Solar limited


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