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Radha - Wrexham Road, Bow

Radha - Wrexham Road, Bow

WREXHAM ROADRadha asked us to carry out an installation before the last feed in tariff rate cut.  She was also interested in reducing her electricity bills and reducing her carbon emissions.  She found Select Solar on the MCS installers database.




We provided a supply and fit quotation along with an estimated performance assessment.  As Radha had a flat roof, we also designed a bespoke mounting system.  Radha accepted our quote and we got on with the job quickly as possible.  We used our roofer to add additional timbers on the roof to provide extra strength and fixings for the Solar Panels to be attached to.


Jacques worked with Marcin to install 6 panels on the roof providing about 2KW of power.  After they worked together to wire up an inverter, isolation switches and generation meter and all the final connections to the consumer unit.  The system was tested and commissioned.  We issued our certification and Radha was able to claim her feed-in tariff entitlement before benefiting from reduced electricity bills and lower carbon emissions.


Another successful Select Solar Installation was completed


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