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Wearable PV

ladies wearing solar powered clothing

Rachel Bagley from South East Essex College, has integrated our Powerfilm low voltage flexible solar panels into clothing as part of her fashion design degree.

She integrated a Powerfilm PT7.2-150 (200mA @ 7.2V) into a corset that can power an ipod through a USB.

She has also constructed a a yellow strapless cotton dress that has 12 mini PV panels integrated into the fabric along the bust.

The PV panels are connected in series and parallel along the front and back to charge an ipod or similar device.

The jacket and dress are part of Rachel's wearable electronics collection that also have a touch sensitive fabric remote control integrated into the fabric under the surface which allows the wearer to change volume or track without touching the ipod.

The collection generated quit a bit of media interest, and the yellow dress even made the front cover of the IET magazine!

You can see the photos in our blog post here.