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Pod Pads Solar Powered Festival Accomodation

Pod Pads Solar Panels from Select Solar

Since 2005 Pod Pads' fabulously quirky festival accommodation has been powered by various versions of Select Solar's 40W DIY kit

Disguised as large sunflowers, the 40W Yingli solar panels supply 12volt electricity via a car dashboard type socket. This can be used for low usage items such as charging mobiles, laptops,and ipods.


40W Yingli solar sunflower

The sunflower stands above the roof on a short pole.  A cable runs from the panel, down the pole (you can just make it out in the photo on the left) and into the mini chalet.

Inside the cable ends in a cigarette lighter adapter socket, just like the one you'd find in a car. With various adapters you can recharge all sorts of small electronic devices.

Going to a festival? Find out if Pod Pads will be there.


Pod Pads Solar Panels from Select Solar



40W Yingli solar sunflower