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Around The World on a Bicycle

Jeremy Johnson is a video blogger who, being at a loose end in 2011, decided to cycle around the planet!

Staying on campsites, village greens and even a garden, he knew he'd have a bit of difficulty keeping his various mobile electronics charged up, especially as most of his time was to be on the move.

MMP4 Folding Solar Panel

The solar panel:
Jeremy chose the MMP4 which is a small 6.5W folding solar panel with plenty of power adapters for most phones.

In his "Best Bits of Europe" video (7mins) at times you can see he's got the panel unfolded and strapped to the back of his bicycle, on top of his kit. He's also included clips of some wonderful views along his route, with castle ruins and lakes, rivers and sunsets.

The load on the panel:
The panel was used to power his Ipod Touch (4th gen 2011 version), Ipod Nano (2010 version with touchscreen) and a Nokia mobile phone (just for emergencies).  The Ipod was for photos and his video posts, which you can see on his blog site below. Music kept him sane on the long journeys.

Each month during 2011 he posted videos from the various countries en route, which meant his power kept running despite being in the middle of nowhere (and moving through it) most of the time.

Find out more:
If you've got the time, visit his blog site, The Globe Trotting Geologist and watch the videos. It's a fascinating blog of a journey that wasn't a huge support exercise with the usual camera crew, technology and catering teams!  Instead it's one man on a bike with a map, a tent and a video phone.

Please note:
Preview photo of panel and connectors is owned by and copyright Jeremy Johnson and may not be reproduced or copied without written permission.