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Select Solar are Solar Experts in both On and Off Grid solar systems. 

Select Solar are Solar Experts in both On and Off Grid solar systems. 

We would like to present to our customers both old and new our eco store that is there for everyone including trade and professionals. Here at Select Solar we like going that extra mile to assist our customers.

Select Solar Supply the most comprehensive and tested range of eco products including 12v Solar Panels ranging from 10w up to any amount of solar wattage that you require.  solar kits for caravans, motorhomes, every type of boats and the marine market, farms, homes and businesses.

All solar components including battery charging,  charge controllers including MPPT, Solar Inverters both on and off grid, Plus a wide range of other solar accessories.

Our technical team installs and tests all of our products and we would honestly like to think that our products are the best that you can purchase on the solar market. We are always happy to use our knowledge and experience to advise and help you select the correct product. 

Solar Panel installations on your home, business or solar farm. Select Solar, as a professional MCS accredited company, can not only design a bestoke solar system for you but install and take you through every step of the way, so you can  to take advantage of the governments Feed in Tariff scheme.

Select Solar as Off-Grid Specialists  are able to supply power to remote areas or where power is unstable or unavailable. From projects as small as a light bulb in your shed to producing a solar farm business or small town.

Visit our website and take a look what we have to offer you and get you started on your way

Telephone  Colin  on 01708 223733 or mobile  07768 667608


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