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5 reasons why sports venues should consider solar installation

5 reasons why sports venues should consider solar installation   

  • Large Rooftop Areas: Sports venues and stadiums typically have expansive roofs offering vast surface areas for solar panel installations. These roofs provide ample space to accommodate many solar panels, maximising the potential for solar energy generation. By using unused rooftop space, stadiums can tap into a valuable renewable energy resource.  
  • High Energy Demand: Sports venues consume substantial energy during events, including lighting, HVAC systems, and multimedia equipment. By integrating solar installations, stadiums can offset some of their energy needs and reduce reliance on traditional energy sources. Solar power generated on-site can directly power various operations, lowering utility costs and carbon emissions.  
  • Public Visibility and Education: Sports venues often attract large crowds and receive extensive media coverage during events. By installing solar panels, stadiums can raise public awareness about renewable energy and promote sustainability. These installations symbolise a commitment to clean energy, inspiring fans and visitors to consider renewable energy solutions for their homes and businesses.  
  • Extended Operating Hours: Sports venues and stadiums are active for extended periods, hosting events and activities into the evening and nighttime. Even when not hosting sports venues, they are often used for music events, which also use a lot of energy. Solar installations can take advantage of the long operating hours by generating electricity during the day and potentially storing excess energy in batteries during evening events. This ability to generate and store energy aligns well with the operational needs of sports venues and enhances their overall energy resilience.  
  • Community Engagement and Economic Benefits: Sports venues often play a significant role in their local communities, attracting visitors, supporting local businesses, and generating employment opportunities. By embracing solar installations, stadiums can strengthen their ties with the community and contribute to the local economy.   

Sports venues and teams hold a great platform to influence and inspire change. By embracing sustainability through renewable technology like solar PV, they showcase their commitment to a greener future, setting an example for fans, communities, and other organisations to follow. By helping to mitigate climate change, engaging fans, enhancing their brand value, and realising potentially substantial cost savings, sports venues can demonstrate the far-reaching benefits of “being green.” As more teams and sports venues look at ways to go green, we should look to a future where the world of sports and environmental sustainability go hand in hand, creating a positive impact that extends beyond the field and into the hearts and minds of millions.   

Some sports teams and venues worldwide are already adopting solar panels and reaping their benefits.

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