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Garden Lights

Solar powered lights for the garden are great for those looking to illuminate their outdoor space without adding to their electricity bill. Powered by the sun, these lights are available in a huge range of different styles.

Spike or Post Lights

Beautiful, high quality solar powered post lights to grace your garden and enhance your favourite areas.

Wall Lights

These are solar lights that can be mounted or hung from a wall in your garden or on the perimeter of your property. They are extremely easy to install and are fantastic for highlighting buildings and outdoor spaces

Lantern and Party String Lights

We often think of lanterns as being classical and traditional in appearance, but there are actually several different types of solar lanterns. Whether you want a traditional style lantern to sit on your garden table, or a chinese party lantern to hang and bring colour and decoration to your garden, we have what you are looking for.

Decking and Pathway Lights

Solar powered decking lights / Pathway lights are fantastic for illuminating not only decking, but also pathways, gravelled areas and borders. With no wiring, no electricity costs and extremely simple installation, these solar decking lights are an excellent, cost effective garden lighting solution.

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