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Stecca Solarix PI550 500w Inverter 12V 220v/50Hz

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In developing the Solarix PI sine wave inverter, Steca has brought about some innovations which are unprecedented in this form. These are, above all, parallel connection, the novel operating concept which uses a single rotary switch, direct communication in order to calculate the state of charge (SOC) with Steca Tarom and Steca Power Tarom, and the electronic fuse.

Steca's many years of experience have come into play for deploying these inverters specifically in photovoltaic systems. This comes through, for instance, in the way that a most diverse range of appliances is provided with a low operating consumption and a stable energy supply.

Product features
„„ True sine wave voltage
„„ Can be connected to the Steca Tarom with a Steca PAx4
parallel switch box
„„ Excellent overload capabilities
„„ Optimal battery protection
„„ Automatic load detection
„„ Parallel connectable
„„ Best reliability
„„ Protective insulation according to protection class II
„„ Control by digital signal processor (DSP)

The installation and commissioning of the Stecca Inverter must at all times be appointed to a qualified Solar PV Engineer or Electrician.  Select Solar have engineers who are experienced and fully qualified.   If you require further assistance or you have questions that you would like answers too, then please do not hesitate to contact us either by  email  or telephone 01793 752562 asking for Colin or Evren

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