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Candian Solar Panels

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  • 06009CJ00
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  Name Code Power (W)   Dim. (L x W mm) Price UK Del.  
  360W Super High Power Mono Perc HiKu with MC4-EVO2 06009CJ01 360.00 1765 x 1048 £211.74 £99.00 Buy Now
  370W Super High Power Mono Percium HiKu with MC4-EVO2 06009CJ02 370.00 1765 x 1048 £193.79 £99.00 Buy Now
  395W High Power Mono Perc HiKu6 with MC4 06009CJ03 395.00 1722 x 1134 £255.68 £99.00 Buy Now
  405W High Power Canadian Mono Perc HiKuwith MC4-EVO2 06009CJ04 405.00 1722 x 1134 £237.74 £99.00 Buy Now
  455W Super High Power Mono Perc HiKu with MC4-EVO2 06009CJ05 455.00 2108 x 1048 £286.21 £99.00 Buy Now
  400W MONO CS6R-MS B/B ED 06009ED01 400.00 1722 x 1134 £280.22 £25.00 Buy Now

Canadian Solar High Density Mono PERC Module


Supplied with 1350mm output cables and MC4 connectors

25 years linear power output warranty

With innovative module technology and unique IP-granted (intellectual property) design features the HiDM high density shingled solar module, can offer high power modules up to 365 W with enhanced aesthetics appearance. Through maximizing the light absorption area and removing the loss of ribbon resistance, the module efficiency can reach up to 19.86 %.

More RELIABLE (thanks to shingle high density cell technology):

Lower internal current, lower hot spot temperature

Cell crack risk limited to smaller area of the cell

Weight: 21.1 kg

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