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MC4 Adapters

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MC4 Solar PV connectors - Pair of Y Branches

Connect your solar modules together with ease using these safe and durable MC4 connectors.  This pair of "Y" shape connectors (one in a male to female, female configuration, and one in a female to male, male configuration) will allow you to connect panels or strings of panels together.  If you need to connect 3 panels together then it is cheaper to use 2 pairs of these than to purchase a 3 way splitter (its about 1/3 of the cost to use these)

Product information:
Current Rating: 30A
Voltage Rating: 1000V
Auto-lock design ensures the product with superior anti-impact forces
Low contact resistance
Excellent material which meets UL94-V0 fire safety standard for long-term outdoor application; outstanding anti-ageing and UV-resistance
Simple, quick and safe installation


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