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SOLARA Photovoltaic Systems

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  Name Code Power (W)   Dim. (L x W mm) Price UK Del.  
  Solara S50M36 15Wp output 50Wh per day Semi-Flexible Solar Panel 06004SO15 15.00 431 x 243 £290.88 £6.25 Buy Now
  Solara S140M42 35Wp output 140Wh per day Semi-Flexible Solar Panel 06004SO35 35.00 464 x 481 £394.80 £6.25 Buy Now
  Solara S200M43 50Wp output 200Wh per day Semi-Flexible Solar Panel 06004SO50 50.00 654 x 481 £478.80 £6.25 Buy Now
  Solara S280M43 70Wp output 280Wh per day Semi-Flexible Solar Panel 06004SO70 70.00 844 x 481 £619.20 £6.25 Buy Now
  Solara S400M41 100Wp output 400Wh per day Semi-Flexible Solar Panel 06004SO100 100.00 798 x 695 £770.40 £15.00 Buy Now
  Solara S515M31 115Wp Output 515Wh per day Semi-Flexible Solar Panel 06004SO115 115.00 1120 x 545 £802.98 £15.00 Buy Now
  Solara S555M34 125Wp Output 555Wh per day Semi-Flexible Solar Panel 06004SO125 125.00 990 x 660 £887.10 £15.00 Buy Now
  Solara S575M35 130Wp Output 575Wh per day Semi-Flexible Solar Panel 06004SO130 130.00 1250 x 545 £896.45 £15.00 Buy Now
  Solara S705M43 160Wp Output 705Wh per day Semi-Flexible Solar Panel 06004SO160 160.00 1510 x 545 £1036.68 £15.00 Buy Now

SOLARA Photovoltaic Systems

Electricity without grid connection thanks to SOLARA

SOLARA is the strong brand for solar technology (photovoltaic) from northern Germany. As a specialist provider of stand-alone systems, Select Solar Limited guarantee a reliable power supply wherever either no electricity grid is available or where current development would mean exorbitant costs. The solar modules of SOLARA are the product of extremely high workmanship and produced exclusively for extreme climate conditions. Thanks to the high quality of the used materials and their manufacturing they are extremely robust and durable. SOLARA modules withstand extreme climatic loads and even use low light conditions optimally. Thanks to the high efficiency of the solar cells used by SOLARA reliable power generation is guaranteed even in low light conditions

Enjoy your free time with the greatest possible freedom - with our off-grid solar systems for boats. The non-slip, fully accessible and resistant SOLARA modules guarantee a reliable power supply in the sea, even without access to a power supply. Our solar panels guarantee what you need for an active rest: the feeling of freedom, independence and security.

SOLARA M-SERIES - Solar panels extremely flat, accessible and semi-flexible

Extremely flat, walkable and semi-flexible

  • Stability and maximum heat dissipation due to innovative aluminium-sandwich support plate
  • Additional solar cells for efficient charging
  • All materials withstand extreme heat, high humidity, sea and salt water
  • Teflon-type extremely resistant protective film on front and back
  • Flat, glued and screwed cable outlet with strain relief
  • Cell protector with external protection diodes included
  • Cable lead-through already prepared in the carrier plate
  • Manufacturing exclusively in Germany

SOLARA POWER M-Series - High performance solar panels in the smallest of spaces

Appearance and design

  • Elegant and attractive all-black design
  • Extremely flat panel construction with aluminium-sandwich support plate
  • Thanks to unique, innovative cell connectors a very flexible mounting is possible e.g. on the tarpaulin
  • Fully walkable
  • Cable entry already prepared directly through the support plate
  • Cable outlet optimally positioned for use on pop-up roofs
  • Particularly flat glued and screwed cable outlet with strain relief
  • Manufacturing exclusively in Germany
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