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Solar iBoost+

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Solar iBoost Full Kit
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The Solar iBoost+ works by using a clamp which scans your renewable generation and detects any excess energy that would be sent to the grid. The main component diverts this energy and uses it to power your immersion heater. The amount of energy sent is determined on the amount created and the household use, to ensure that it will not affect the existing appliances.

Here is a short list of requirements for the Solar iBoost+ to be effective in your household:

  • I have renewable on-site power generation, Solar or Wind are the most common.
  • The distance between my water tank and the utility meter is under 30 metres.
  • The energy used within the house does not exceed the amount generated and excess is currently being exported to the grid.
  • You want to save on gas/electric bills, mainly focusing on water heating.

The Solar iBoost+ will not affect your feed in tariff payments as they calculate the amount of excess that is exported, and with this technology you can utilise it all and save more money than the tariff would reward.

Solar iBoost+ Features.

  • Up to two immersion heater connections, when the first immersion heater is satisfied the energy flows automatically to the second immersion heater
  • Manual Boost and programmable Timed Boost (eg. For economy settings)
  • A single, battery powered, wireless sender with measurement clamp
  • Displayed energy saving information
  • Up to 3kW immersion heater capability
  • Solar iBoost+ is pre-programmed for wireless connection to the optional iBoost+ Buddy home energy monitor
  • Programmable language option

Technical Specifications:

Solar iBoost+ Controller:
 Operating Voltage:    220-240 Vac
 Control type:     1B
 Maximum Permissible Loads:   13A Resistive (max 3kW immersion)
 Rated Impulse Voltage Withstand                       4kV
 Insulation Properties                                            Pollution Degree 2 in accordance with IEC 664
 Operating Ambient Temperature Range: 0 to 40°C
 Approvals:     EN 60730-2-7, EN 301 489-3, EN 300 220
 Dimensions:     225 x 158 x 92 mm

Solar iBoost+ Sender:
Battery Type:     2 x AA IEC LR6 1.5V alkaline (supplied)
 Battery Life Cycle:    1 year (user replaceable)
 Operating Radio Frequency:   868.3 MHz
 Radio Range     1 to 30m indoors        (dependant on construction and local conditions)
 Operating Ambient Temperature Range: -5 to 40°C
 Approvals:     EN 60950, EN 301 489-3, EN 300 220
 Dimensions:     95 x 75 x 35 mm (excluding clamp)

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