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iBoost+ Buddy

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iboost+ Buddy
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iBoost+ Buddy

The iBoost Buddy is an optional product which displays what your iBoost+ is doing. Also you can change settings of your iBoost+ by using the buddy, like manually powering your immersion heater for an hour or two. If you get the iBoost Buddy you can watch as you save money and maximise your renewables installed.

Technical Specifications:

Operating Voltage:  220-240 Vac

DC Input Voltage:  5Vdc 0.5A

Operating Ambient Temperature Range:  0 to 40 degrees C

Operating Radio frequency:  868.3 MHz

Radio Range:  1 to 30m indoors (dependant on construction and local conditions)

Approvals:  EN 60950-1, EN 301 489-3, EN 300 220

Dimensions:  132mm x 112mm x 55mm

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