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7.75W DZ 500mA solar battery maintainer

7.75W DZ 500mA solar battery maintainerClick to enlarge product image
7.75W DZ 500mA solar battery maintainer
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The DZ Energy 500mA solar battery maintainer (or charger) trickle charges 12V deep-cycle batteries, helping to protect them during storage periods.

Helps maintain 12V batteries and reduce battery loss caused by key-off electronic drains and natural voltage losses.

This module is ideal for vehicles such as caravans, motorhomes, vans or small boats and can be left permanently attached.

(Please note, these DZ-500 panels were formerly produced under ICP´s Sunsei brand as the SE-500).

The cable accessories in the photo are not to scale.

  • Weatherproof and designed for outdoor use.
  • Will trickle charge your battery even on cloudy days.
  • The push button indicator tells you that the panel is working.
  • Built-in discharge protection - won't discharge your battery in darkness or on dull days.
  • Won't overcharge your battery (so you won't need a charge controller/regulator)
  • Comes with battery clamps and ring connectors, extension cable (10ft), 12V male & female cigarette lighter adapter cables and mounting screws.
  • Maximum power 7.75W at a maximum current of 0.5A, at 15.5V in full sun.
  • Suitable for all 12V batteries.
  • Dimensions: 484 x 258 x 14 mm, 1.5kg.
  • 10 year power warranty (80% of panel output)

Also available:

Mount the solar panel just about anywhere with the ball & socket grip mounting system.  It rotates the full 360 degrees so you can set it to get the most sunlight on your panel.

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