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22.5W DZ Energy 1500mA solar charger

23.3W DZ Energy 1500mA solar chargerClick to enlarge product image
23.3W DZ Energy 1500mA solar charger
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DZ Energy's amorphous 23.3 W silicon panels perform well under low light conditions, providing solid battery charging power for a variety of small 12 Volt applications, or for trickle charging larger batteries. These panels are very simple to install and come with mounting screws and battery clamps. ABS plastic frame won´t scratch your roof. Push-button indicator lets you know your panel is charging.

(Please note, these panels were formerly produced under ICP´s Sunsei brand).

  • Ideal starter panels for those making their first foray into solar power.
  • Installs in seconds/maintenance free.
  • Weatherproof/rust/shock/UV-resistant frame with mounting screws included.
  • Works even under low light conditions.
  • Typical uses: cottages, trailers, boats, mobile homes, etc.
  • Cabling includes 10 ft extension cable, panel-to-panel jumper cable, 12V cigarette lighter socket and 12V cigarette lighter plug.
  • Built-in discharge protection (blocking diodes).
  • Includes both crocodile clips and ring terminals to connect to battery.
  • Maximum power 22.5Wp.
  • Nominal current: 1500mA @ 15.5V in full sun.
  • Suitable for all 12V batteries.
  • Dimensions: 953 x 343 x 28 mm, 4.3kg.
  • 10 year warranty on panel output; 2 year materials warranty.


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