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The Solar Trader Flexi Panel series

The Solar Trader Flexi Panel seriesClick to enlarge product image
The Solar Trader Flexi Panel series

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The Solar Trader Flexi-panels are perfect for trickle and mainenance charging of 12V batteries on boats, yachts, jet-skis, caravans etc. They are lightweight but hardwearing and rugged, making them ideal for marine and expedition use.

Because they are flexible and have no glass they can be mounted in many different ways:-

  • glue them to the deck
  • wrap them around the bimini with a bungee cord
  • bolt them to the railing
  • hang them on a hook
  • fix them with Stayput fasteners to your canvas awning, tent or vehicle roof.

Some of our customers have even used velcro! Flexi panels can be walked on with soft shoes.

Flexi panels are made with UniSolar triple-junction cells, which perform especially well under the low light levels typically found in the UK. Each cell is composed of three semiconductor junctions stacked on top of each other. The bottom cell absorbs the red light; the middle cell absorbs the yellow/green light and the top cell absorbs the blue light. This spectrum splitting capability is the key to higher efficiency. Unlike crystalline technologies, Flexi panels do not suffer reduced power output at higher temperatures.

There is a blocking diode within each potted junction box, preventing battery discharge into the panel. 10W and 32W panels have bypass diodes across each cell, so the modules continue to produce power even when partially shaded.

Summary of Flexi-panel Features

  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • No glass
  • Lightweight
  • Shadow tolerant
  • Maintenance-free
  • High temperature performance
  • Weather, Seawater and Vandal resistant
  • Blocking diode in junction box.
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