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Sunsei 25A solar charge controller (CC25000)

Sunsei 25A solar charge controller (CC25000)Click to enlarge product image
Sunsei 25A solar charge controller (CC25000)

Highly reliable 12/24V, 25A charge controller, part of the Sunsei range. It will efficiently charge your batteries and provide years of protection from overcharging, prolonging your battery life and reducing maintenance requirements.

  • Suitable for 12V and 24V systems; automatic voltage detection
  • adjusts battery voltage limits with temperature
  • built-in battery voltage and charge function indicator by LED display
  • Simple, rugged electronics - a low component count and 100% solid state control functions make this a highly reliable controller.
  • Features two stage charging - boost and float charge using pulse width modulation (PWM)
  • Status LED indicates battery charging
  • Reverse leakage protection prevents power loss at night
  • Terminal Block - For sound and easy wire connections
  • 57x70x28mm, 0.12kg.
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