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Morningstar Solar Home System 10L charge regulator

This Solar Home Systems charger controller, or SHS, is a low cost solar panel charge regulator specifically designed for rural electrification with one to three solar panels.  Rated at 10A (up to 100W), it will provide 12V for charging a battery during the day and power for household systems such as lighting, TV and radio.    The LED system provides battery status information, charging and low voltage & error condition warnings.  The built-in electronic fuses will prevent any wiring mistakes from damaging the controller and it is fully automatic, so there's no need for adjustment or user selection.

    * low voltage disconnect facility  
    * LED indicators for battery charge/battery levels/load disconnect/error
    * reverse polarity protection
    * corrosion protected terminals
    * a moisture-tight coating minimizes damage from humidity and insects
    * dimensions: 150 x 60 x 40mm; 120g.
    * rated solar input of 10A
    * 2-year warranty
    * for wire sizes up to 4mm2
    * Wall-mountable   
    * built-in electronic fuses protect against wiring mistakes
    * prevents battery discharge at night. No need for blocking diode.

Made by Morningstar.

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