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Sunworks 15A Solar Controller with LCD Display

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  • 07001SW05
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A compact, attractive-looking solar regulator for 12V battery systems with solar panels rated up to 15A. Sunworks controllers use Pulse Width Modulation which makes the best use of the power produced by your panels, and also helps keep batteries in good condition.

Sunworks controllers are designed specifically for fitting, as a visible item of equipment, within the motorhome or cabin. Cable entry is hidden at the back to allow the cables to pass invisibly through the wall or bulkhead. The fixing screws are also invisible.

The inbuilt LCD display shows the battery voltage level, and the amount of current flowing from the solar panel. As solar panels are silent and have no moving
parts, this gives the user confidence that the system is working and, with time, a feel for performance under differing light conditions.

  • simple to install
  • 32 character LCD display shows battery voltage and current input
  • dimensions: 110x85x35mm
  • rated input 10A
  • 2 year warranty


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