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Morningstar Sunlight 10L 12V controller for Solar Lighting

The Sunlight Solar Lighting Controller, or SLC, is a solar panel charge regulator for 12V PV systems. 

Rated at 10A (120W), this charger controller has a digital rotary switch for selecting 10 different lighting options.

It uses the voltage input to calculate day & night (as well as charge your battery). It can then switch on lighting one or two hours before sunrise and a set number of hours after sunset. 

Alternatively, lights can be kept off or on all night. Perfect for street lights, bus stops and signs. 

    * low voltage disconnect facility  
    * test button confirms the lighting option & switches on the lights a 5 min test.
    * battery selection (flooded or sealed)
    * LED indicators for battery charge & startup/load disconnect/lighting option
    * reverse polarity protection
    * large screw terminals for simplified connectivity
    * very corrosion resistant
    * dimensions: 168 x 55 x 34mm; 320g.
    * rated solar input of 10A
    * 5-year warranty
    * calculates night length automatically   
    * wall-mountable   
    * can operate in parallel configuration with other Morningstar Controllers   
    * prevents battery discharge at night. No need for blocking diode.

These controllers provide pulse width modulation (PWM) charging, which can double the life of a battery compared with On-Off charging. This typically sends 30% more solar energy into the battery per day. Average battery State-of-Charge is 90-95% compared to 55-60% for On-Off regulators.

Made by Morningstar.

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