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Morningstar Sunsaver MPPT 15 solar charge regulator

MorningStar's SunSaver MPPT Solar Controller (A-REG-TS-TS 24V) is an advanced battery charge regulator for off-grid 12V and 24V PV systems, that allows you to charge a 12V or 24V battery from a high voltage panel

MPPT stands for Maximum Power Point Tracking. It runs an alogorithm that maximises the energy from a solar panel system and also operates load control which prevents overdischarge of the battery. Provides a means to use up to a 36V PV array to charge
either a 24V or 12V battery.

Rated at 15A (400W), these controllers are suitable for consumer and professional applications.

    * low voltage disconnect facility  
    * for Gel, sealed, AGM & flooded battery types
    * LED indicators and optional meter
    * reverse polarity protection
    * epoxy encapsulated for environmental protection
    * dimensions: 169 x 64 x 73mm; 600g.
    * 5-year warranty
    * recognises multiple power peaks during shading      
    * prevents battery discharge at night. No need for blocking diode.

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