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7A P3 solar charge controller

7A P3 solar charge controllerClick to enlarge product image
7A P3 solar charge controller
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Designed for the P3 folding solar panels, this charge controller  will help keep your 12V battery fully charged.  The two regulator indicators tell you when the battery is charging (yellow) or is fully charged (green) and automated cut-out settings ensure the solar power charger keeps your battery topped up, without overcharging it.

    * dimensions (mm): 92 x 64 x 25
    * weighs 0.1kg
    * 2 year warranty
    * will work with up to 100W of power
    * includes 3-pin SAE plug
    * cable length 286 mm
    * maintenance-free

Electronic Protection:
    * the cut-out (at 14.2V) prevents over charging of the battery
    * begins charging when battery voltage drops below 13V

Also available with 15W Sunforce Solar Panel.

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