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30W Sunforce Solar Panel Kit

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30W Sunforce Solar Panel Kit
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This 30W Solar power kit by Sunforce can be used on caravans, van conversions and small boats, providing solid battery charging power for a variety of 12 Volt applications.

These kits are very simple to install and come with two 15W Sunforce panels, connector cable, mounting screws and battery clamps and a 7A charge controller.  An ultra bright blue LED lets you know your panel is operating & charging the battery in your caravan (for example).

    * Maintenance free, easy installation..
    * Verify sunlight exposure (and charging operation) by the ultra bright blue LED.
    * Built-in blocking diode protects against battery discharge.
    * Comes with cigarette lighter adaptor cable, 12ft cable and battery clamps and 2 sets of 4 stainless steel screws.
    * Rated at 30W, 2Amp, 15V under ideal conditions.
    * Each panel measures 1800 x 406 x 76mm and weighs 4.9kg; kit includes two panels
    * Includes 7A solar controller (92 x 64 x 25 mm, 0.1kg). 

 5 year warranty.

Although these panels can be temporarily rested on a flat surface, we provide fixings for permanent mounting.

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