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  • 03Jun

    Q and A on Solar panels and photovoltaics

    Cost Savings of Solar Energy

    Solar energy savings can be quite substantial over a long term, meaning that fitting a system at your home can be a real investment.

    Making the most from renewable energy has always been at heart of our business. Generating electricity from solar panels is a good starting point but using that energy in the most efficient way is just as important. The governments feed in tariff incentive became more of a financial investment opportunity than an incentive to improve our homes energy efficiency. Since it’s substantial reduction, priority is now being given to self consumption and energy efficiency.

    Reduce your energy bills

    Energy costs are continuing to rise, one way to help reduce them is by installing solar panels to your home or business.

    As a local electrical company we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, professional installation teams and saving our customers money on their energy bills. There are many ways we can help you save money on your energy bills. 

    We can install systems from 4kW for domestic customers to large scale commercial installations up to 50kW.


    We’re not a marketing company or a lead generation company. Find us on Check a Trade, Facebook or Yell. We sell, install and maintain your solar installation. We fit them ourselves, no sub contractors and all qualified electricians carrying out the work to UK safety standards.

    How Much Electricity Does the Average Home Waste?

    The amount used in your home depends on how much you use, and how you use it plus how much energy is wasted. Of course, the more efficiently you use electricity and the less you waste it, the less you will need to power the electrics in your home.

    By looking through the last quarter and how much you used in that period, we can assess how much your home needs to run efficiently. We will use this kind of analysis to determine the size of system your home will require.

    What maintenance do I need to carry out?

    Panels require little maintenance. Whilst we recommend you use a professional company to maintain your solar panels due to safety issues, there is very little maintenance required. The panels should be kept clean and free from debris. It is important to ensure surrounding trees do not create shade over the panels.

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  • 31May

    Radha - Wrexham Road, Bow

    Radha asked us to carry out an installation before the last feed in tariff rate cut.  She was also interested in reducing her electricity bills and reducing her carbon emissions.  She found Select Solar on the MCS installers database.  We provided a supply and fit quotation along with an estimated performance assessment.  As Radha had a flat roof, we also designed a bespoke mounting system.  Radha accepted our quote and we got on with the job quickly as possible.  We used our roofer to add additional timbers on the roof to provide extra strength and fixings for the Solar Panels to be attached to.

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  • 29May


    Bill and Jenny own a piece of land with a lake on it just outside of Chelmsford, Essex.  They have 2 container portacabins which they use for classroom training, changing rooms and a shop.  They run a business from the site which they call Trifarm.  Basically it is a training ground for people who enter triathlon events involving cycling, swimming and running.  They use the lake for swimming training and you can go along hire a wetsuit and swim round the lake.

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  • 15Apr

    Lynn Wrights Allotment - in Upton in Dorset another job successfully installed by select solar ltd in essex

    Lynn from Upton in Dorset contacted us to design an off-grid solar system for her allotment cabin to charge strimmer’s, boil a kettle and provide lights.  Her budget was based on funding from the lottery commission.  We were able to design supply and install a full off-grid PV system.

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  • 22Mar

    Renewable Energy

    As the universal environmental crises origins upon us, renewable energy models are taking centre stage.

    Renewable energy is any energy resulting from natural procedures, such as sunlight and wind. They are replenished faster than they are expended, hence "renewable". Some forms of renewable energy include solar, wind, geothermal, hydro and biomass.

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