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Renogy 350w Flexible Kit with Display

Renogy 320w Flex Panel Kit with DisplayClick to enlarge product image
Renogy 320w Flex Panel Kit with Display
  • £639.94 inc. VAT

  • 05008SS02
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  Name Code Power (W)   Dim. (L x W mm) Price UK Del.  
  SOLARFAM 50w Flexible Kit with Display 05008SS03 50.00 670 x 515 £209.57 £15.00 Buy Now
  Renogy 100w Flexible Kit with Display 05008SS04 100.00 1219 x 546 £292.44 £15.00 Buy Now
  Renogy 175w Flexible Kit with Display 05008SS05 175.00 1504 x 673 £351.04 £15.00 Out of stock
  Renogy 200w Flexible Kit with Display 05008SS01 200.00 1219 x 546 £499.99 £25.00 Buy Now
  Renogy 350w Flexible Kit with Display 05008SS02 350.00 1504 x 673 £639.94 £25.00 Out of stock

These flexible panel kits are ideal for caravans, motorhomes and boats. With the flexibilty of up to 248 degrees bend, these panels can fit almost anywhere. Easy to install and fully waterproof, these kits contain high quality Renogy flexible mono panels to maintain your batteries. The Victron PWM-LCD&USB controller will regulate the solar power and includes an LCD display so that you can keep track of the systems performance, this also is equipped with many protection features to make sure things charge smoothly.

Panel Details:

  • Dimensions: 1504 X 673 X 2mm
  • Weight: 2.8kg
  • Each panel rated at 175W (9.5A @ 23.9V)
  • Cell efficiency: 21%

Kit contents:

  • 2 x 175w, 12V Renogy Flexible Monocrystalline Panel
  • 3 x Sikaflex-291 70ml Marine Sealant
  • MC4 Solar PV Connectors - Pair of Y Branches
  • Multi Contact 3m Extension Cable Pair with MC4 Connectors
  • Twin entry roof grommet
  • Victron BlueSolar PWM-LCD&USB 20A (12/24V) charge controller
  • 2 x 1m Single Core 4mm2 Cable with M8 Crimps


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