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Victron Quattro 3000VA - 24V, 70A

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  • £2487.02 inc. VAT

  • 08006VT55
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  Name Code Power (W)   Dim. (L x W mm) Price UK Del.  
  Victron Quattro 3000VA - 12V, 120A 08006VT54 2400.00 352 x 258 £2592.00 £25.00 Buy Now
  Victron Quattro 3000VA - 24V, 70A 08006VT55 2400.00 362 x 258 £2487.02 £25.00 Buy Now
  Victron Quattro 5000VA - 12V, 220A 08006VT56 4000.00 470 x 350 £4037.04 £99.00 Buy Now
  Victron Quattro 5000VA - 24V, 120A 08006VT57 4000.00 444 x 328 £3407.18 £99.00 Buy Now
  Victron Quattro 5000VA - 48V, 70A 08006VT58 4000.00 444 x 328 £3123.36 £99.00 Buy Now
  Victron Quattro 8000VA - 24V, 200A 08006VT59 6500.00 470 x 350 £4301.42 £99.00 Buy Now
  Victron Quattro 8000VA - 48V, 110A 08006VT60 6500.00 470 x 350 £4121.28 £99.00 Buy Now
  Victron Quattro 10000VA - 48V, 140A 08006VT61 8000.00 470 x 350 £4924.80 £99.00 Buy Now
  Victron Quattro 15000VA - 48V, 200A 08006VT62 12000.00 572 x 488 £6469.63 £99.00 Buy Now

The Quattro 3000VA is a powerful true sine wave inverter with 2 AC inputs and outputs, a sophisticated battery charger that features adaptive charge technology and a high-speed AC transfer switch in a single compact enclosure.

The Quattro can take an inputs from a generator and grid supply. It can be used in conjunction with a battery bank and solar PV inverter as an energy storage system


  • Two AC Inputs with Integrated Transfer Switch
  • Two AC Outputs, the main output has a no-break facility and the second output is live only when AC is available on one of the inputs
  • Virtually unlimited power due to the facility of parallel operation, up to 6 quattro units can operate in parallel
  • Three Phase Capability, three units can be configured for three phase output. Up to 6 sets of three units can be parallel connected to provide 144kW inverter power and more than 2500A charging capability.
  • Power Control, a current limit can be set on each AC input and the Quattro will take account of other AC loads and use spare power for battery charging which prevents the mains or generator to be overloaded.
  • Power Assist, when the AC load is more than the AC inputs capacity the Quattro will compensate for the power by diverting battery power. When the load reduces the batteries are then recharged
  • The Quattro can be used for both off-grid and on-grid appliactions, loss of mains detection software is available.
  • System Configuring, DIP switch settings allow for changes to made in minutes for stand-alone systems. Parallel and three phase applications can be configured with Ve.Bus quick configure and Ve.Bus system configuration software
  • Monitoring and control, there are a few different options to allow the user to interact with the Quattro, Multi Control Panel, Colour Control Panel, smartphone or table with bluetooth smart, laptop or computer with USB or RS232
  • Remote Monitoring and Control, this is possible with Victron Ethernet Remote, Venus GX and Colour Control Panel. Information can be stored and then displayed on the Victron Remote Management (VRM) website
  • Remote Configuring, if the system is connected with ethernet the system can be configured using the Colour Control Panel remotely
  • 5 years warranty
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