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22W Inpro-Solar Boat Kit

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  • £300.00 inc. VAT

  • 05003IP03
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  Name Code Power (W)   Dim. (L x W mm) Price UK Del.  
  11W Inpro-Solar Boat Kit 05003IP01 11.00 450 x 270 £235.00 £6.25 Out of stock
  22W Inpro-Solar Boat Kit 05003IP03 22.00 430 x 450 £300.00 £6.25 Out of stock

This fully-marinised solar kit contains a 22W black-backed Inprosolar panel, which can be glued or screwed onto flat surfaces.  The kit also includes a Sunsport 6 regulator, single port cable gland, fuse and a 310cc tube of adhesive.  Once connected, the solar controller in this kit can remain permanently hooked up, even through winter, without draining the batteries, as it uses zero power in the dark.

Solar Panel
The durable solar panel can be screwed or glued onto flat surfaces. Backed with fibreglass, (which makes it lightweight), it is encapsulated within a highly efficient transparent UV resistant polymer. Thin and compact, the panel can even be walked on with soft shoes.
    * 10 year warranty
    * fully encapsulated junction box with 1m cable
    * Dimensions (mm): 430 x 450 x 4; 1.8kg
    * Rating: 1.3A at 16.7V

Solar Controller
With automatic nighttime shutdown the Sunsport 6 uses absolutely zero power in the dark, which means boaters can leave it connected all winter without draining the batteries.
    * Save up to 10% of the power from a 5 Watt module.
    * Protection (PV & Battery), against short-circuit & reverse polarity, overload, over temperature & battery removal
    * Can charge a completely discharged battery
    * Regulation method: Low frequency On-Off series; Typical set points: Off: 14.1 Volts On: 13.3 Volts
    * Extreme design -40 degrees to +70 degrees C
    * Series design (not shunt)
    * Reliable - 100% solid state
    * No radio interference
    * LED indicates charging
    * Wall mountable; stainless steel mounting screws provided
    * Solid aluminium case, completely sealed in epoxy potting
    * Dimensions: 6.4 x 9.6 x 1.8 cm; 210g
    * Battery consumption zero, 0.0 mA
    * Typical solar consumption 8 mA daylight only, 3 mA without LED
    * 5 year warranty

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