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2kw JA Solar Mono On-grid Solar Panel Kit

  • £2382.49 inc. VAT

  • 06007CE02
  • Available on back order only
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  Name Code Power (W)   Dim. (L x W mm) Price UK Del.  
  1kw JA Solar Mono On-grid Solar Panel Kit 06007CE01 1000.00 1689 x 996 £1489.61 £99.00 Buy Now
  2kw JA Solar Mono On-grid Solar Panel Kit 06007CE02 2000.00 1689 x 996 £2382.49 £99.00 Out of stock
  3kw JA Solar Mono On-grid Solar Panel Kit 06007CE03 3000.00 1689 x 996 £3332.09 £99.00 Buy Now
  3.68kw JA Solar Mono On-grid Solar Panel Kit 06007CE04 3680.00 1689 x 996 £3626.81 £99.00 Buy Now

Kit Contents

Please phone if you require further information regarding the kit list.

  • 6 x JA Solar 340W LW Mono Percium Half-Cell Silver Frame
  • 1 x Solis 2.0kW Mini 4G Single Tracker with DC Isolator
  • 8 x End Clamp+ 30 - 50mm Silver
  • 8 x Middle Clamp+ 31 - 51mm Silver
  • 3 x Wood screw pan head 6 x 80 (Bag of 21)
  • 16 x Roof hook UK Pantile (without wood screw)
  • 8 x VarioSole + End Cap 41X35 rail Single - Grey
  • 4 x VarioSole+ Mounting rail 41 x 35 x 3200 mm
  • 2 x MC4 Connector Twin Pack
  • 1 x 4mm2 single-core DC cable 25m - Black
  • 1 x K&N Single Phase AC Switch Disconnector 25A
  • 1 x Emlite 1-ph generation meter 100A (1000 pulse/kWh) incl. Cover
  • 1 x PV on Roof Hazard Labels Pack


  • Panels may vary according to stock levels, but will be as close to 2kw as possible
  • The above mounting system is based on a pantile roof. An alternative mounting system may be required for slate or flat roofs.
  • ****so far so good

    By Home Farm on 25th Nov 2020 of: 3kw JA Solar Mono On-grid Solar Panel Kit

    Our solar 6kW PV array from JA Solar has been up for four months and I thought it was a good time to have a look at their performance providing an unbiased report, based on real life experiences, illustrating power output on overcast, rainy and sunny days in the UK. We also take a look at our SolarEdge inverter.

    You can watch the video here:

    More information on our array and inverter is available here:

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